At Betabugs, we believe that there are already too many knobs in the world.  That’s why we approach plug-in design with a bit of a twist.  Instead of adapting our GUI to fit the needs of the plug-in’s code, we create a friendly and attractive (OK, we prefer the word “stunning”) interface, and then develop algorithms that match the plug-in’s purpose.

Once we have an idea for a new plug-in, we go to a monastery (if pushed, we’ll admit that it’s the local pub) and enter a trance-like state of deep concentration (sometimes mistaken for mild inebriation) in which our sole purpose is to figure out how we can pull the whole thing off with an absolute minimum number of controls.  By the time we have reached the third stage of meditation (also known as The Third Pitcher of Beer), somebody will have concluded, “Yup, one knob should just about do it.”

At that point in time, Mully withdraws to a bleary-eyed design session and comes up with a user interface that is not only visually effective, but also serves as a template upon which the programmers will base their code.  Having completed the design, he posts an advertisement for some unfortunate sod to code the dang thing, and then collapses into a stinky heap of last week’s laundry.

The next stage of the project begins with the coding of the plug-in.  Any programmer who shares our vision (or at least pretends to - don’t worry, Mully will never know) is welcome to apply to become a full member of the Betabugs team (a dubious honour) and program the guts for a plug-in.  If you suffer from mild lunacy, but are driven to craft effective and creative code, we may have just the right project for you.  In keeping with our community atmosphere, code-monkeys—er, programmers!—will be selected on a per-project basis, according to their particular strengths.  Programmers are certainly welcome to apply for more than one project, and all applicants are at least considered.

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