BetabugsAudio is a mixed bag of nuts, truth be told.  With each new plug-in comes the possibility that a new member will be added to the team and share in the lunacy.  Our current roster of Betabugs is:


Mully, ‘Chief Idea Officer’From a quiet hippie farm somewhere in Deutschland, Mully continually puts the 'face' on BetabugsAudio. While the plug-ins may each have a different programmer, they all have this man in common. Churning out GUIs to match his and others' ideas (often with multiple designs per plug-in), and also taking care of the website design and graphics, Mully is the heart of BetabugsAudio.  (

Greg "Lunch" Pettit, ‘Chief Eloquence Officer’
Lunch is responsible for the plug-ins' documentation, as well as for the majority of the website's text. Also, in an attempt to make himself feel as important as Mully and the programmers, Lunch has been known to swamp the Idea Monastery with ideas both good and bad, and to take care of certain administrative details.

Robert Randolph, ‘Chief Mad Scientist’ - Robert has the rather questionable distinction of being the coder of the first BetabugsAudio plug-in, SimpleSqueeze - which he modeled after an analog prototype he built himself.

Christian Budde, ‘Head of Patent Research When he is not busy ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging questionable software patents from the Stone Age, Christian keeps himself busy making clever music and developing innovative code in Delphi. Every once in a while, he even shares some of those talents with the Betabugs team!

Johan Larsby, 'ChiefBlitcher & Applesauceror' Dabbling with both PC and Mac platforms, Johan joined BetabugsAudio with the intention of helping to port some of the PC plug-ins. Instead, he got caught up in the lunacy and ended up developing a twisted but useful plug-in of his own: GetaBlitch Jr. Moving forward, we hope to release some of those Mac ports, along with many more plugs from Johan.


Paul, ‘Chief FXtension Officer’ - In addition to the plug-ins already under his belt, Paul is continually juggling a handful of projects in alpha and beta phase. Forthcoming plug-ins like the RoooOOOOM and other top-secret projects (well, only medium-secret since Mully is fond of spilling the beans!), along with his willingness to help the rest of the bugs, make Paul an indispensible member of the team.  (

Duncan, ‘Dr. Delphi H.C.’Duncan sleeps. Sometimes. Not usually, though, because he is too busy making music or snatching up coding jobs as quickly as they arrive. With a handful of plug-ins on the cusp of release and the well-received FloFi Deluxe already under his belt, Duncan has secured his spot in the BetabugsAudio Hall of Fame. (Oh, and you should hear his funky falsetto.)

Adrian Pflugshaupt, Chief Wormhole Investigator - In addition to offering Mac ports of plug-ins for BetabugsAudio and other developers, Adrian also has a growing list of his own cross-platform plug-ins both here and at his own home, (

Kim "Jeez" Lajoie, 'Chief of Cher-ishing' - Kim's first mission was to bring "that vocal effect" (you know the one) to the masses, and he produced rather more than a gimmick with the completion of the highly useful CarToon. Using both traditional coding and the exciting Max/MSP package, Kim is already hard at work to bring other powerful tools to the public.



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